‘Magic Spells’ are going down in this dreamy new editorial from priztamiano and we want in on the action!

To become a teenage witch we have to get the perfect balance between Sailor Moon and Robin Tunney (circa The Craft), tie our hair in super cute bunchies with plaits, don mystic blue flicks on our eyes to match our perfectly manicured mystic blue nails and stop by the local store to pick up the essential spell ingredients: mini Chinese anime comics, all-revealing fortune cookies and canned coconut water. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble! We may not have caused earth shattering storms and hair colour changes but we have conjured up the perfect day!

Shot: Agus Cabaleiro @ Blue Spine ph
Art direction / Style: Paula Tamiano + Priz Tamiano
Make up / Hair: Sil de Marcos @ Púcara make up
Babe: Jade Ribeiro @ LO management
Subtitles: Maia Lis
Clothes: Holy Innocents Vintage + Fantasy Seven

As they’re one of our favourite brands, we wanted you to experience the coolness overload we’re suffering from this wicked shoot by W.I.A! We can’t resist the gem covered fake claw-nails, all white fur outfits, wiacollections adorned chunky Buffalos, ice blue sportswear, zombie-ripped jumpers, fluffy baby pink ‘Don’t Kill my Vibe’ sash and, of course, the ultimate babe Cheyenne Davide!!!




Fries before guys, doh!-nuts, *winkyface*, Apple… we’re the playstation addicted, techno-hooked i-Generation and the world has never been more live! It’s the Sabbath today and it’s time to bow down bitches in appreciation of all things modern and fun: MSN, Tamagotchis, aux cables, old brick nokias, i-pads, moody cats, take your pick! So throw on your fluffiest, sparkliest, most exciting, colourful clothes, worship these photographic shrines to all things web-trend related then teleport yourselves to the closest fast-food shit hole to scoff a box of 40 chicky nugz.

(Remember: Nugz before thugz guys!!)

Shot: Lucie Crewdson
Style & Collage/Editing: Sophie Benson
Hair stylist: Steve Barnes
Make-up artist: Dominique Desveaux
Model: Sina @ J’adore


aliceodellhunt discovered this beautiful genie floating down the shell covered halls of a Scandinavian Aladin’s grotto! We’re going to wish for our own pair of silky black and gold slippers, a wardrobe of colourful airy kaftans and sparkly Indian head jewellery. What would you spend your three wishes on?

Having previously shot for Lazy Oaf and 2BOP, timfrazierphotography has quickly mastered fashion photography which is why we’re so eagerly awaiting his new website launch!! But while we wait, we want you to take a look at this wicked new portrait shoot he’s done on a 35mm film camera… Isn’t it cool?! Give him an insta follow and look out for the announcement of his new website!!!



I’ve chosen jiggly puff because she’s very cute and fluffy but at the same time loud and powerful! She’s a very girly Pokemon and I love that.


Shot: Andres Navarro 
Jigglypuff: Andrea Hernandez
Style: Mafer Velasco


Vaporeon and Espeon

I wanted to create a playful encounter between two of Evee’s evolutions. Espeon has always been my fave. Her mysterious ways are really attractive to me and I think its because I can relate with her in that way. Also, she has a gem on her forehead, what’s not to love about that and her lovely pink coat!!!! On the other hand, ever since I found out what the project would be about, I knew I had to work with Luba, the model in the Vaporeon attire. She’s a huge fan of this character and Pokémon has always been an important part of her life. Over all, I’m so happy with the results! It was so fun to have the opportunity to work with everyone and bring Pokémon into my work.



Edition/ Art and Style: Fermina.
Shot: fernando poil.
Makeup: Diego Diez.
Hair: Erich clemenz.
Espeon: Alejandra Velasco Vaporeon: Luba Ramirez